Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A middle school in Fort Worth wants to take their students on an end-of-year field trip to the Fort Worth Zoo. They have 4 different grades attending the trip, with a total of 112 students that need transportation. The teachers want an air conditioned bus with wheelchair access for one of their students. They decide to rent two 56-passenger charter buses from a local company in Fort Worth, which easily fits their group. The charter bus company quotes them $140 per bus for the day, picking up at 8am and dropping off at 4pm. For both buses, their total charter bus rental cost is $1,960 for the day. The charter buses have TVs and WiFi to keep the kids entertained on the 30 minute drive. To show their gratitude, the teachers tip each driver 10%, adding $196 to the total cost. So for a fun and educational field trip, their total charter bus rental cost is $2,156, or around $19 per student.

Example #2:

A corporate event planner in Fort Worth is arranging a company retreat for a tech startup. There are 65 employees who need transportation from their office to an offsite hotel for team building activities. The planner wants to arrange comfortable, reliable transportation so the employees can relax and focus on bonding instead of driving themselves. She decides to book a 56-passenger executive charter bus in Fort Worth for the day. The bus picks up the group from their office at 8 AM and takes them to the hotel 30 minutes away. It stays on site in case they need any additional transportation throughout the day. At the end of the retreat at 5 PM, the executive charter bus takes them back to the office. The planner is quoted $165 per hour for the Fort Worth charter bus rental. Since it was needed for 10 hours total, the cost comes out to $1,650. She tips the professional driver 10% at $165 for excellent service, bringing the total to $1,815. This comes out to only $28 per person for door-to-door transportation for the corporate retreat.

Example #3:

The varsity football team at a high school in Fort Worth is heading to the state championship game in Austin. The coach wants to arrange comfortable transportation for his players and coaching staff, so he decides to book a charter bus. He needs room for 60 people, so he opts for a 56 passenger charter bus. The total driving time for the trip is 5 hours roundtrip. At a rate of $150 per hour, the total for the bus rental comes out to $750. The coach also decides to pay a little extra for a luxury coach with leather seats, TVs, WiFi and a bathroom onboard. These upgrades add $100 to the total cost. Including taxes and fees, the final quote for the Fort Worth charter bus is $900. The coach tips the driver 10% at the end of the trip, bringing the grand total to $990. With 60 passengers splitting the cost, it comes out to only $16.50 per person for a safe, relaxing ride to the big game.

Example #4:

A church youth group in Fort Worth is planning an end-of-summer day trip to Six Flags Over Texas before school starts up again. The youth pastor wants to arrange transportation for 30 middle school students and 10 parent chaperones to the amusement park. He decides to book a charter bus rental in Fort Worth for the day to handle the group’s transportation needs. The youth pastor gets a quote for a 40-passenger charter bus to pick the group up at the church at 8 AM. The bus will then drop them off at Six Flags Over Texas for a full day of fun before picking them back up at 6 PM and returning them to the church. The 8-hour charter bus rental costs $960 total. The youth pastor tips the professional driver 10% for excellent service, bringing the total cost to $1,056. This works out to only around $26 per person for safe, comfortable transportation for their amusement park adventure.

Example #5:

A couple is getting married in Fort Worth, Texas. They have invited 150 guests to their wedding and reception, which will be held at different venues across the city. To transport their guests between the ceremony, photos, and reception, they decide to book a charter bus rental in Fort Worth for the day. They choose a 56-passenger charter bus so that all of their guests can ride together in comfort and style. The bride and groom are quoted $165 per hour for the bus, and they book it for 8 hours to cover the entire event timeline. This comes out to $1,320 for the day. On top of this, they decide to tip their exceptional charter bus driver 10% at the end of the night, adding another $132 to the total cost. In the end, the Fort Worth charter bus rental costs the couple $1,452 for the whole wedding day. With 150 guests, this works out to around $10 per person for transportation. The charter bus ensures that all of their loved ones can celebrate together and not have to worry about driving or parking between events. It is money well spent to provide a seamless, fun, and safe experience.

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